Play our scavenger hunt to win a $25 Coldstone Giftcard!

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Play our scavenger hunt to win a $25 Coldstone Giftcard!


Our contest is a little different this time.
It’s an online scavenger hunt, three things you’ll need to find.
Follow the clues and through them you will see
All three answers, you’ll need to find for me.
Clue #1: Go to our website, and click on About Orthodontics. Choose Orthodontic Treatments, click to play and tell us how many different types of cases are treated with orthodontics?

Clue #2: From our website click on our Facebook link. Go to our Photos and choose “New and Improved Smiles”. In these photos there is one photo that is not of Dr. Hunter and one of our patients, what is this photo?

Clue #3: Go back to our website and click on our Blog icon. Scroll down to our post on Tuesday December 21st . How often does it recommend for you to see your regular dentist?

(Please submit all your answers to [email protected] Include your full name & phone#)


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